CWSAC Battlefield Summaries


Location: Dinwiddie county

Campaign: Richmond-Petersburg Campaign (June 1864-March 1865)

Dates: December 6-12 1864

Principle Commanders: Maj. Gen G.K. Warren [US] Gen. A.P. Hill [CS]

Forces Engaged: Corps + Detached Calvary

Estimated Casualties: US-315 CS-Unreported

Description: General Grant's plan was to destroy the last vestiges of the Confederate forces supply lines in the Petersburg area. Approximately 17 miles of track, railroad equipment and bridges were destroyed.

Warrens six day operation dealt Lee's already brittle supply chain a serious though not fatal blow. It exacerbated a difficult food situation and contributed greatly to the hardships that Lee's army would face in the coming months. The weather during theexpedition was extremely harsh. Upon their return, the Union forces went into winter camp in the Petersburg area. In March of 1865 the confederate government re-built the portion of line that was destroyed.

During the expedition several Union foraging parties were captured and summarily executed. During the return march, the Union troops set fire to many local area farm buildings, as retribution.

Result: Union Victory. Classified as minor engagement. No significant conclusion.

Preservation Priority: I.1 (Class A

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