USS Buffalo Soldier
- AK 9301

Military Sealift Command Prepositioning Ship

Roll-on/Roll-off Container Ships - T-AK

Last updated: 07/19/2000
Class: AK 2222 Fleet:
Homeport: Pacific
Date status changed: 04/01/1998
Berth: Diego Garcia, British Indian
Ocean Territory

USS Buffalo Soldier - AK 9301


MV Buffalo Soldier is a Military Sealift Command Prepositioning ship, carrying U.S. Air Force cargo stationed out of Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory as of 04/01/1998.


Buffalo Soldier is self-sustaining, meaning it can unload itself which is an asset in harbors with little or no infrastructure. Its 120-long-ton capacity roll-on/roll-off ramp will accommodate tracked and wheeled vehicles of every discription.


Buffalo Soldier is a reflagged French Government Line ship owned by RR and
VO Partnership and operated by Red River Shipping.

Point of Contact:

Office of Public Affairs
Military Sealift Command
Washington, DC 20398-5540
(202) 685-5055 or

General Characteristics: Buffalo Soldier Class

Builder: Chanters Navigation de la Ciotat
Power Plant: 2 SEMT-Pielstick 18 PC2.5 V diesels; 23,400 hp; 1 shaft; bow thruster
Length: 670 feet
Beam: 87 feet
Displacement: 40,357 tons (41,004.65 metric tons) full load
Speed: 16 knots
Ship: MV Buffalo Soldier (ex-CGM Monet) (T-AK 9881)
Crew: 19 civilians

Underway Replenishment

USS Buffalo Soldier - AK 9301

"Underway replenishment" is the raison d'etre for the navy's auxiliary vessels. Storeships, oilers, aircraft and submarine tenders, hospital ships and ammunition ships are just a few of the types of vessels that enable the navy to sustain war operations halfway around the world from US bases. The larger Fast Combat Support Ships combine several functions by transporting fuel, ammunition and stores, but there are more than 100 types of auxiliary vessels. The auxiliaries enable the navy to maintain a global presence.

SOURCE: Department of the Navy;
Military Sealift Command; Washington,
DC 20398-5100; (202) 433-0495

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