Medal of Honor 
during Indian Wars

The Medal of Honor, this nation's highest honor for valor, was awarded to four Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts.  Buffalo Soldier Regimental returns, show that after twelve engagements and twenty expeditions, not one of their men was killed or seriously wounded in their seventeen-year history from 1868-1885.  These young men of pure African or mixed black and Seminole ancestry, dressed, acted and possessed trailing, hunting and fighting skills like those of the plains Indians. Their number varied between thirty to fifty scouts. They were probably the best desert fighters and trackers the in the history of the United States Army.

The Florida Seminole Nation is one of the Five Civilized Nations. It held slaves, who could do as they pleased, as long as they gave goods to the tribe.  This also brought protection from slavers and the military. They also accepted runaway slaves into their tribe. The Seminole Nation fought slavers, Indians and the U.S. government to keep their ancestral lands and farms, which delayed the annexation of Florida. The United States government invited their leaders Chief Coacoochee (Wild Cat) and Chief Osceola, the great medicine man, to take part in peace talks under a flag of truce.  When the Seminole leaders arrived at the site of the negotiations they were promptly arrested.  The Seminole Nation was marched to Indian Territory on what is now known as the "Trail of Tears", where hundreds of men, women and children were marched to their deaths.


Chief Osceola, Courtesy National Archives

Because of attacks from slavers and Creek Indians, the majority of the Seminoles and Seminole Negroes moved into Mexico.  For twenty years as colonists, they served in the Mexican Army fighting Comanche and Apache Indians raiders, in addition to Texans.  At the death of Chief Wild Cat, the Seminoles left Mexico for United States. Under the leadership of their black Seminole Chief, John Horse, the Seminole Negroes stayed in Mexico away from slavery. Other Seminole, Creek and Cherokee Negroes joined them.

The United States army had great difficulty in trying to control the ongoing hostile activities of the Comanche, Apache, and other plains Indians. The U.S. government invited the Seminole Negroes to return to the United States to serve as scouts. The Seminole Negroe's understanding of this Treaty was that the government would grant them land, pay their transportation costs to the U.S., pay them for their services and provide provisions for their families.

Reny Grayson, 
Indian Scout 
1910, Courtesy 
New York 
Public Library

It took two years to find a commanding officer who could handle the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts and gain their respect. The officer was Lieutenant John L. Bullis, a Quaker who commanded United States Colored Troops in the Civil War. Bullis' fighting skills and religious background probably helped lead to a closeness with the scouts that resulted in Bullis receiving invitations to perform marriages and baptisms in their Indian villages.

On the trail they were the best shots from the saddle, able to find water and food others missed, could pickup trails up to three weeks old and stay on a trail for months at a time. Unlike the soldiers, they could also live off of half rations indefinitely.  Many of their, culprits, incorrectly, thought  they had escaped from these scouts.


Pompey Factor,
Medal of Honor

Near the end of their service to the government, Chief John Horse of the Seminole Negroes asked that their treaty be honored.  He was told there was no copy of it, no land was available to be given them and that they were not entitled to lands granted to Indians. When the tribe was moved off of the reservation, some of the scouts were arrested and moved   with them.  Due to the unpunished  murders and other intolerable injustices suffered by  the Seminole Negroes, five of the scouts quit the service and moved their families to the Rio Grande.  Private Pompey Factor, who saved Lieutenant Bulli's life, received his Medal of Honor, but not his pension. He was told there was no record of his service.  Service by the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts was completed in 1914.

The Last of the Seminole-
Negro Indian Scouts, 
1913-1914, Courtesy New
York Public Library

Today, outside Bracketville, Texas, there is a graveyard with a marker giving testament to honors won by the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts and the dreams lost by the Seminole Indian Nation.

Medal of  Honor Recipients, Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts


Pvt. Adam Paine, September 20, 1874. The Staked Plains, Texas.  Sept. 26-27, 1874. Inducted: Fort Duncan, Texas. Born: Florida. Issued: Oct 13, 1875.  Citation: Rendered invaluable service to Col. R. S. Mackenzie, 4th U.S. Cavalry., during this engagement.

Pvt. Pompey Factor, April 25,1875. Eagle's Nest Crossing, Pecos River, Texas.  Issued March 15, 1875.  Citation: With 3 other men, he participated in a charge against 25 hostiles while on a scouting patrol

Pvt. Isaac Payne, April 25, 1875. Eagle's Nest Crossing, Pecos River, Texas. April 25, 1875.  Born: Mexico. Issued: May 25, 1875. Citation: With 3 other men, he participated in a charge against 25 hostiles while on a scouting patrol.

Sgt. John Ward, April 25,1875. Eagle's Nest Crossing, Pecos River, Texas.  April 25, 1875. Entered service at. Fort Duncan, Tex. Born: Arkansas. Issued: May 28, 1875. Citation.  With 3 other men, he participated in a charge against 25 hostiles while on a scouting patrol.

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